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Henan Jinhai Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Main Product: 5-2000 tons a full set of processing equipment energy-saving ball mill, jaw crusher, high, strong and weak magnetic separation, flotation machines and other heavy equipment. A variety of large, medium and small sand 扑克之星6up亚洲版production line complete set of equipment, impact crusher, new sand making equipment, sand washing machine, slime dryer and other type coal equipment.

Henan Jinhai Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is an import and export enterprise, the company mainly produce large, medium and small series sand 扑克之星6up亚洲版production line, mining machinery, a joint-tock enterprises combined with development, 扑克之星6up亚洲版production and sales. The company is headquartered in Zhengzhou national Hi-Tech industrial development Zone, has three branches, one research and development department. Since its inception, the enterprise has brought together a group of scientific and technological elite with the modern management system and advanced precision 扑克之星6up亚洲版production, innovation. The company now has employees more than 500 technicians, senior engineer 20 people, more than 100 people in medium grade. The company has long-term cooperation with domestic and foreign scientific research units, brought in the domestic and foreign advanced technology, process and testing base. The company emphasizes fundamental management, has enterprise quality management network, the work site to achieve a predetermined location management; logistics management to achieve ABC management; internal company implemented computer information, computer models of 扑克之星6up亚洲版production technology management, 扑克之星6up亚洲版product development process design by using CAD and CAPP technology. The company has completed the edition change work of 2004 IS09001-2000 quality certification. The Company continue to adhere to the different needs of new 扑克之星6up亚洲版product development and research, investment funds for technological renovation, improve 扑克之星6up亚洲版product development, to meet the users’ need.

Concentrate on customers, promoting customer satisfaction projects, Sincere cooperation and start from us.

Research and development strategy and practice

Jinhai machinery consist to improve 扑克之星6up亚洲版product competitiveness as the core scientific research develop strategies, with 'scientific research, technology transfer, technical improvements' and '扑克之星6up亚洲版production, learning and research', aim at the frontier technology and constantly improve the overall scientific and technological innovation capacity of enterprises.

Combined with market demand and technological trends, introduce the domestic and foreign advanced technologies, digestion and absorption, open innovation.

Increase the investment of scientific distribution and technological research. Jinhai Machinery adhere to take 8% of sales revenue as a new 扑克之星6up亚洲版product development funds, vigorously improve the high-tech 扑克之星6up亚洲版product research, testing and 扑克之星6up亚洲版production, and accelerate the development of large-scale 扑克之星6up亚洲版production of high-tech 扑克之星6up亚洲版products.

Jinhai Machinery Trends: In this world, based on the Central Plains, learn others superiority, produce the high-quality 扑克之星6up亚洲版products that promote development and social progress to the users.

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