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Sand Washer is mainly used to wash building material

Introduction of Sand Washer:

Sand Washer is a bucketed sand washer, mainly used to washing and drying building material.The sand washer is a kind ofhighly-efficient sand washing equipment, combining the advanced techniques and the domestic physical conditions of sand industry.Sand washing machine is sand washing plant, mainly used for removing dust in the ore. Impurity and dust are removed in the artificial sand 扑克之星6up亚洲版production process.

Sand Washer is mainly used to wash building material

Features and Benefits of Sand Washer:

1. Reasonable structure, convenient maintenance.
2. High processing capacity and low power consumption.
3. low of wearing parts consumption, low cost.

Working Principle of Sand Washers:
When the artificial sand washer works, the motor drives the impellers slowly after the v-belts, deceleration machine and gears slow down. The sandstone gets into the washing trough through the feeding trough and rotates and then will be ground driven by the impellers. The impurities on the surface and the water vapor coated layer enveloping the sandstone will be removed for dehydration; and when added water, it will form a strong water flow. The impurities and the foreign matters of small proportion overflow from the port, achieving cleaning effect. The clean sand will be taken away by the impellers and poured into the discharge chute.

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